W H A T   I S   R I N S E   A N D   G I V E ?

Rinse and Give is a student run laundry service at Middlebury College that aims to provide affordable and quality laundry service to students while giving back to the Addison County Community. 

Created in 2015, we are excited to offer our improved services to Middlebury students for the fourth year in a row. Every week, your clothes are picked up outside of your dorm room, professionally washed and folded by our partner laundromat, and dropped off back at your room fresh and clean - all within 24 hours!

We are proud of being not only the least expensive laundry service on campus, but also in our charity work. By using Rinse and Give, you will also be supporting after-school and expanded learning programs in Addison County. Find out more about our charity work. 


W H A T   W E   O F F E R

We supply 22'' x 28'' laundry bags and utilize a professional laundry service in order to ensure quality service to our customers.  

Sign up for the full year, or choose one of the other options available to accommodate students who may study abroad or have internships during J-term. Explore all options.


H o w   i t   w o r k s

1. Prior to your first pick up date, we will provide you with a laundry bag to use.

2. On Tuesdays, you leave your bag of laundry outside of your dorm door by 8:00pm. We pick up your bag and take care of the rest!

3. Your bag is returned and placed outside of your door on Wednesday evening before 8:00pm, with your professionally washed and folded clothes inside.