P I C K   U P   D A T E S

Fall Semester Laundry Pickup Dates

09/17/19,  09/24/19,  10/01/19,  10/08/19,  10/15/19,  10/22/19,  10/29/19,  11/05/19, 11/12/19,  11/26/19,  12/03/19,  12/10/19

J-Term Laundry Pickup Dates

01/14/120,  01/21/20,  01/28/20

Spring Semester Laundry Pickup Dates

02/18/20,  02/25/20,  03/04/20,  03/11/20,  03/18/20,  04/01/20,  04/08/20,  04/15/20, 04/22/20,  04/29/20,  05/06/20,  05/13/20



NEW Planned service: Down jackets/comforters

We know that it gets cold here in Middlebury during the winter, and that good care of your down jackets and comforters is essential to staying warm. Due to down items requiring specialized care - longer drying time at a low temperature to ensure that the down is not burned and stays puffy, etc - we do not currently accept down jackets. We recognize that these items need to get cleaned though, and are working with our partner laundromat to implement an additional pick up/drop off service for washing down jackets, comforters, and other larger items requiring specialized care! We will continue to update the website as we progress in finalizing our plans. 

NEW Planned service: dry cleaning

Our partners at the laundromat is in the process of installing their own dry cleaning facility! Once that is complete, we plan on offering pick up and drop off dry cleaning services for those of you who want your dress shirts, suits, and fragile items dry cleaned. The facility should be done in late August, and we will continue to provide updates as construction finishes up. 


T E r m s   o f   s e r v i c e

  • Laundry must be placed outside of your dorm room by 8:00pm on each listed Tuesday for pickup. It will be returned on Wednesday evening before 8:00pm. Laundry placed outside of dorm rooms after 8:00pm on Tuesday is not guaranteed to be picked up and washed.  

  • The following items are NOT accepted due to requiring specialized care:

    • Comforters

    • Down items (jackets, comforters, etc)

    • Blankets larger than twin size

*** Sheets ARE accepted***

***We are in the process of implementing additional services for dry cleaning and washing down items - we will update the website as our plans finalize!***

  • Bags found with any unaccepted items will be returned unwashed.

  • We are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged goods/clothing, nor are our affiliates.

  • It is the customer’s responsibility to check pockets for any items before sending clothing to the Laundry Service.

  • If you live in off campus housing, we ask that at least 3 members of the house to purchase our service.

  • No returns of laundry service purchases. All purchases are final.