R I N S E   A N D   G I V E   F O U N D A T I O N

Rinse and Give has partnered with Addison Northeast Supervisory Union (ANESU) and its Expanded Learning Program to create the Rinse and Give Foundation. Last year, through customer's participation with Rinse and Give, the Rinse and Give Foundation was able to cover the tuition costs of several Addison County elementary school-aged children. They will now be able to attend the Expanded Learning Program's various workshops, which in the past have included African Dance and Story Telling, Chess, Chinese Culture and Language, 3D Printing, and much more!

Rinse and Give is very excited to continue working with the Expanded Learning Program this upcoming year.  By choosing to do your laundry with Rinse and Give, you will be directly contributing to helping cover tuition cost and ensuring that more Addison County students are able to participate in the after-school learning programs that are offered.  


A N E S U    E X P A N D E D   L E A R N I N G   P R O G R A M

The Expanded Learning Program's mission statement is to "create exciting learning opportunities for students that correspond to Common Core learning standards and school driven learning goals for math, literacy, science, and technology.  Academic enrichment workshops will rely on hands-on, creative, experiential learning strategies to provide ‘sneak attack learning’ for students in the communities we serve." Learn more about the Expanded Learning Program.


S P R E A D   T H E   W O R D

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